Rent a limousine for a private event

An exceptional day means exceptional service. Whether it's for your bachelor party or your wedding day, don't be afraid to ask about limousine rental when you travel. Why do so many newlyweds choose the limousine as their means of transportation? More details : . This is exactly the image of luxury and prestige that this mythical vehicle conveys. An exceptional day, exceptional transport! In which the same type of car is found, it is also the logic of stag parties. We recommend that you contact a rental company rather than a private individual. All these companies have the advantage of being able to establish a contract and guarantee adequate insurance and normal maintenance of the car or truck. Limousines differ from each other in terms of their equipment. Air conditioning, telephone, television, smoke machine, LED lighting, mini-bar...

Rental car with driver

For a special and important occasion, chauffeur-driven car rental provides meticulous and better quality services. Car rental is aimed at professionals, individuals, international customers and VIPs. It offers tailor-made, or even top-of-the-range, tailor-made services in line with the customer's wishes. For a long term luxury car rental, contact a professionnal. The vehicle and driver are accessible 7 days a week. The chauffeur-driven car rental package can be charged by the hour, by the day or over a few days. All prestige and/or luxury cars are equipped with accessories and substances corresponding to the latest innovations. Luxury or prestige motorists are experienced drivers.

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